TRPdesign studio

Shingo Sato

TR Cutting School in Milan

Course Details

5days (Basic&Advaced)


3d Darts manipulation & 3dPuzzle Concept on half bodice. Gathered volume & flaired volume manipulation, Designing onto the 3dVolumes& Reconstruction.

2nd day

Transformationl reconstruction on the Sleeve. TRdraping trial & Practice onto the dress shape.

3rd day

TR-3d, Integration concept onto the bodice& sleeve. Balloon technique.

4th day

TR-3d, Origami concept onto the bodice. Vortex technique

5th day

TR-3d, Trompe l'oeil technique onto the bodice& Dress shape.



TR Cutting Shool in Milan 2012

The Private workshop by Shingo Sato in Milan.

The Course is based on Tranformational Reconstruction such as TR technique for Fashion Designers.

The Transformational Reconstruction (TR) technique outlined in this workshops represents a departure from conventional metric pattern cutting norms, with regards to the construction of three dimensional fashion creations.

(TR Cutting School in Milan- Spring session-2012 )

(5days-Basic& Advanced)
Class A -March 8,9,10,11,12
Class B -March 13,14,15,16,17
Class C -March 18,19,21,22,23

Each classes are available for 4 places.
The cost is 590euro including TRbook&dvd and materials for the workshop.

For the attending and Further Info.
shingo sato

TR technique is a more intuitive, organic design process than the conventional +1/-1 mathematical based pattern cutting systems you may be used to. TR technique allows through trial and error, the discovery of chanced upon happy mistakes.

By trying to figure out tricky design combinations, or by alternating your vantage points you can serendipitously arrive at unforeseen creative solutions or even more Avant Garde destinations than were originally foreseen.


Flared and Gathered Volumes


This practice deals with drafting, designing and integrating flared and gathered volumes into your TR adapted toiles/muslins.


Once you have tried out and understood the basic TR 3D design concepts lain out in the preceding chapters, you can then begin to integrate asymmetrical volumes into your TR creations.





Transformation and elimination of the armhole/Arms eye Transformation.

You can now begin to draw your new TR style lines, transforming the armhole whilst carefully passing through the marked points where possible.

Should your style lines pass through both the sleeve and the bodice blocks, you could completely eliminate the conventional shape of the set-in armhole altogether, by integrating these two blocks in a completely new way.




Twisted layers – TR Draping


Usually, when talking about draping we mean cutting and draping fabric in 3D on a dress form.  This is also known as “Moulage technique” in French.


However in TR design concept, draping is interpreted slightly differently.  Once you have adapted your conventional block into a TR design, this adapted pattern will become the base layer for further draping manipulations.  The difference being here, instead of draping on your dress form, you will drape your fabric directly on top of your flat TR adapted pattern piece.


TR Draping translates into immediate and intuitive 3D draped creations in opposition to the more conventional, artisanal draping techniques you may have encountered.



Politecnico di Milano

ミラノ工科大学・デザイン学部   TRパターンWORKSHOP



 TRパターン テクニックとは?

Transform&Reconstruct   デザイン構成&再組立




TRDraping テクニックとは?

TRカッティング後、平面化された幾何学的なパーツの上にダイレクトにドレーピング造形を施します。異素材をカーブラインを基点に大き目に裁断し増量分量を平面上でタックやギャザー等でドレーピングを作り固定します。基盤となるパターン分量維持され、着心地を変えずに画期的な立体造形を表現します。        詳しくは<TRDraping>ページをご参考ください。










TRパターン特別講義      技術デモストレーションとは?



Atelier Chardon Saverd Paris

パリ シャルドンサヴァール学院 TRパターンWORKSHOP


London Central Saint Martins


London College of Fashion

ロンドンファッション工科大学    TRパターンWORKSHOP

Nottingham Trent University

ノッティンガムトレント芸術大学   TRパターンWORKSHOP

Milano Domus Academy


Fashion institute of technology

NYファッション工科大学・FIT    TRパターンWORKSHOP